Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gyan Yagya by Rishi Nityapragyaji:OFS! Prem may Bane Raho

I just attended a week long Gyan Yagya by Rishij Nityapragyaji which was indeed a journey from the material outer world to the deepest core of our self!! I will be sharing some of the knowledge which he gave us in the Yagya.

This whole consciousness is made up of 5 elements ( earth, water, fire, air and ether) and it has 3 Gunas ( satva, rajas and tamas) and 3 Doshas ( vata, pitta and kafa). In this universal consciousness we are all small jeevas which has taken this present form after having a continuous journey from thousands of years. This life consists of all events and these events have two parts, one is the outer world which includes people, situation and objects and second is the inner world which consists of mind, intellect, memory and ego. What we perceive in the outer world is the reflection of the inner world into the outer world. The quality of our life completely depends upon the state of the inner world.

The inner world has two types of tendencies, clishta ( which pulls oneself down) and aclishta( which uplifts one self). To maintain the blissful inner world its necessary to get rid of the clishta tendencies (Rishiji had asked us to make list of our own clishta and aclishta tendencies). There is a three point formula to do this. Observe, Filter and Surrender(OFS). Observe the inner world, with the help of intelligence filter the clista and aclishta tendencies, and finally take a deep breath in, remember Guruji and with an outgoing breath surrender the clishta tendencies. This requires a practice. ( Rishiji advised to practice it regularly, may be at the start we may take help of alarms to remember ourself to do so!)

There are 6 enemies which distorts the love within the inner world, they are Kama, Krodha, Moha( attachment to the people), Lobha( attachment to the objects), Mada( feeling of me, mine),Matsar( jealousy or feeling good if someone is suffering). These are all the negative or clishta tendencies of the inner world. If you are Prem may ( nature of the inner world) then these enemies are not there and if you want to get rid of these enemies you need to be Prem may! Use OFS to maintain or to return to your Prem may state of the inner world! To use OFS you need to have CIC!! You need to have a Commitment to be Prem may, sharp Intelligence to filter the tendencies and Connection with Guruji! ( Connection becomes more strong with Shraddha and Shraddha can be increased only by praying to have it more!!)


Jai Gurudev!



  1. Ah!!! Jai Gurudev :-)
    What precious words ...

  2. Wow, the OFS and CIC formulae make it pratical and achievable. Just like you have given examples of Clishta tendencies, examples of Aclishta will help understanding it clearly and implementing it better.

  3. yes bhaiya its very practical and helping me a lot. I have set alarms so that I remember to apply the technique :-)Ya we should focus on aclishta tendencies as enthusiasm, sharing knowledge, responsibility, praising, seva etc. Thanks for an additional tip :-) Jai Gurudev!!

  4. Its a great Blog.. :)