Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who seeks love?

Excerpted from the talk given by Guruji in the NBS - Narad Bhakti Sutra series - ATTAINING DIVINE LOVE

Highlights, I managed to register are:

4 types of people seek love :

  1. Aarthi - miserable

  1. Seeker – seeking some meaning or knowledge or purpose in ife

  1. Greedy – seeking comfort/wealth

  1. Knowledgeable – who are already wise

* Goal of knowledge is to attain love *

Three types of love

Excerpted from the talk given by Guruji in the NBS - Narad Bhakti Sutra series - ATTAINING DIVINE LOVE

Highlights, I managed to register are:

3 types of love :

  • Tamasik – eg. terrorist – creates hatred and misery for oneself and others

  • Rajasik – brings great excitement and then great depression; creates feverishness; short term joy and long term misery

  • Sattvik – creates harmony; belongingness; knowledge; unconditional love

How to attain perfect love

Excerpted from the talk by Guruji in the Narad Bhakti Sutra Series - LOVE IS SUPREME

Some highlights I managed to register:

How to attain perfect Love ?

  • Don’t take interest in the affairs of your enemy

  • Do not listen/encourage conversations pertaining to sex, money, aethist, enemy

  • Arrogance & show-off are also hindrances

  • Nothing here belongs to you, you are just a custodian

Dealing with loss / unplesant experiences

Excerpted from the talk by Guruji in the Narad Bhakti Sutra Series - LOVE IS SUPREME

Some highlights I managed to register:

  • Unless you put the little fish in the water, you will not get the big fish … wait till you feel you are losing your fishing rod also

  • Every unpleasant experience makes you – stronger + deeper + knowledgeable + powerful

  • Every apparent loss is for a bigger gain

  • Where wealth is gained by unfair means, neither wealth stays, nor prestige, nor happiness

  • Love is supreme

  • Drop expectations and keep working.

Dealing with Anxiety

Excerpted from the talk by Guruji in the Narad Bhakti Sutra Series - LOVE IS SUPREME

Some highlights I managed to register:
  • Sow the seeds, and let them grow

  • Every anxiety simply means you are not confident, lack faith …

  • What are you worried about :


    Concepts - knowledge


    Prestige - fame


  • Fear of losing creates anxiety which destroys love

  • Don’t carry your bag once you are in the train

  • Everything is happening, nature is taking care of you

  • Anxiety kills love and love kills negativity

B +ve

Excerpted from the talk given by Guruji in the NBS - Narad Bhakti Sutra series - ATTAINING DIVINE LOVE

Highlights, I managed to register are:

  • Whatever we are we project (listen to people for 5 min and you will know whats happening in their life).

  • As you see, so is your creation

  • Negative people make you realize your strength

  • Mistake doesn’t stand when the intention is right

SUTRA – the thread that keeps us grounded and makes us fly higher; the link that bridges the inner abstract and outer concrete

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ashtavakra - everyth is god

                                             EVERYTHING IS GOD(Ashtavakra gita)


Skill is needed to see that there is nothing outside God. A bubble can’t be outside water.

Skill: To see the unseen, to see beyond name & form.

Bubbles rise up and dissolve in water….same with us.

The basic substratum of this name and form is BRAHMAN , DIVINE - GOD.

100 years ago you were in space. 100 years hence also you will be in space…In between this all the names and forms rise and fall like bubbles.

‘Taranga fen budbuda’.

If the wave goes to find the ocean,will it find it??

Mind is a wave in the SELF.

Moods are waves in the MIND.
Don’t think there is skill needed only in the world outside, it is also needed in handling yourself.
With some skill you can see that all is love, DIVINITY. One has to know the skill to go deep into oneself, quieten the mind, though meditation is one’s nature.
If somebody is angry/frustrated you can either see the anger/frustration or the love behind it.



Knotted mind is anger, dejection etc., Ironed mind is God.

So this is a dhobi place, all the creases and stains are removed.

        In reality there is no need of any compassion…. There is no suffering. It gives them depth and maturity.

        I am Hollow & Empty.

Nothing & Everything

But you are acting as  if you are something else.

A circle needs two diametrically opposite points.

Your own body is a place of violence.

When the event becomes big for us, existence loses its significance and vice versa.

EVENTS bring small joy, EXISTENCE Brings Bliss

EVENTS can cause pain and suffering. EXISTENCE brings only joy, bliss & truth

Restlessness is foreign to your nature. This is the reality.

Skillfully see and smile and rise above the duality, opposites. See this whole world as bubbles on the surface of water.

See people as bubbles on the surface of BRAHMAN.

Even to go into your own transcendental nature; you need to go in a skillful manner.

The main skill in Janaka was Surrender, Devotion , Innocence.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New years message by Guruji!

Everyone wants to be happy in life, but usually are unhappy,” said Sri Sri to a 5,000–strong crowd at the satsang this evening. Held in celebration of the New Year observed today in many parts of India, the satsang took place in the ashram’s amphitheatre.

“There are three aspects which bring unhappiness:

  1. Disturbance
  2. Fear
  3. Poverty

How can we remove these aspects?

An unselfish feeling removes any disturbance.

Detachment erases fear.

Removal of greed alleviates poverty.

The greater the feeling, the faster we can tackle these challenges.

Today, the New Year begins, Every year is given a name. This year’s name is Virodhi – year of conflict.

Sadhaks and seekers have to calm this conflicting force. A bad person is one who will increase conflicts. A good person will reduce it. This year will test your character.

We need to use skill to remove this feeling of opposition. In some cases, we can use proper understanding, compassion or knowledge.

Virudh is necessary in life. Virudh was started so that we stand up against injustice. Conflicts have a place in life. There are disease-fighting bacteria in our bodies – that’s how we stay healthy. One should not quell opposition to injustice. If we want to stand up against any malaise, this year is the best time to do so.

Elections are coming up in India. Oppose corruption. We should stand against every instance of injustice. Don’t think, “The fire is in someone else’s house - that’s why I won’t act.” It won’t take long for the fire to spread to your house.

There are 10 types of conflicts that can arise this year. The first one is doubt. Doubt could be self-doubt, amongst people, nations and religions. When you are aware of a doubt unfolding, then you know that it will pass. It is only a matter of time.

This year, people who meditate have a dual responsibility. Not only do we have to maintain our steadfastness but also help others who are in trouble. This is the right time to get into knowledge, service and devotion. The first thought in our minds should be: ‘I want to gain self-realisation.’

God is all-permeating. It is truth, beauty, consciousness. When God is inside you and in everyone, why can’t the individual experience it? There are 5 reasons:

  1. Ignorance
  2. Ego
  3. Craving
  4. Aversion
  5. Fear

When these five aspects disappear, then you are moving towards divinity.

In this New Year, observe yourself: Has your ignorance reduced? Recollect the time when you did your first part one programme and advanced progamme:

Has ignorance reduced?

Have you become more natural?

Are you able to take insults?

Are you able to smile when others are frowning at you?

Has your fear reduced?

If not, meditate more. You will find that these aspects will reduce. Meditation, pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya, padmasadhana and seva will reduce these five aspects and bring you closer to knowledge.

The difference between God and an ordinary life is that these five aspects are absent in God. In an intelligent person, these aspects are present in small proportion. A foolish man has them dominant in his character.

Gauge each year by observing how much these five aspects have reduced. You will find that there has been definite progress.



Monday, March 16, 2009

Karma and Everything is happening

Somebody asked Guruji, "We say everything is happening then what about our karma?"
Guruji replied, "The basis of our karma are thoughts, thoughts don't generate inside us, they automatically come, we have no control over them. So, our karmas are all happening.

But, a person who does sadhana, to him less vikalpas come against a thought, so his action on the thoughts are straight, but one who does not, many vikalpas keep coming to him. So one walks straight and the other walks obstructed, but both walk."

Jai Gurudev!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

RishiVidyadharjis titbits

When you are faced with a difficult situation, say "Wow!"; that will bring you in the NOW; and then you will know HOW to handle it :-)

But if you say, "Why?", you will keep doing "Hai hai" :-(

Jai Gurudev

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gyan Yagya by Rishi Nityapragyaji:OFS! Prem may Bane Raho

I just attended a week long Gyan Yagya by Rishij Nityapragyaji which was indeed a journey from the material outer world to the deepest core of our self!! I will be sharing some of the knowledge which he gave us in the Yagya.

This whole consciousness is made up of 5 elements ( earth, water, fire, air and ether) and it has 3 Gunas ( satva, rajas and tamas) and 3 Doshas ( vata, pitta and kafa). In this universal consciousness we are all small jeevas which has taken this present form after having a continuous journey from thousands of years. This life consists of all events and these events have two parts, one is the outer world which includes people, situation and objects and second is the inner world which consists of mind, intellect, memory and ego. What we perceive in the outer world is the reflection of the inner world into the outer world. The quality of our life completely depends upon the state of the inner world.

The inner world has two types of tendencies, clishta ( which pulls oneself down) and aclishta( which uplifts one self). To maintain the blissful inner world its necessary to get rid of the clishta tendencies (Rishiji had asked us to make list of our own clishta and aclishta tendencies). There is a three point formula to do this. Observe, Filter and Surrender(OFS). Observe the inner world, with the help of intelligence filter the clista and aclishta tendencies, and finally take a deep breath in, remember Guruji and with an outgoing breath surrender the clishta tendencies. This requires a practice. ( Rishiji advised to practice it regularly, may be at the start we may take help of alarms to remember ourself to do so!)

There are 6 enemies which distorts the love within the inner world, they are Kama, Krodha, Moha( attachment to the people), Lobha( attachment to the objects), Mada( feeling of me, mine),Matsar( jealousy or feeling good if someone is suffering). These are all the negative or clishta tendencies of the inner world. If you are Prem may ( nature of the inner world) then these enemies are not there and if you want to get rid of these enemies you need to be Prem may! Use OFS to maintain or to return to your Prem may state of the inner world! To use OFS you need to have CIC!! You need to have a Commitment to be Prem may, sharp Intelligence to filter the tendencies and Connection with Guruji! ( Connection becomes more strong with Shraddha and Shraddha can be increased only by praying to have it more!!)


Jai Gurudev!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Five steps to get out of suffering - Sri Sri @ Kolkata, 14th Feb, 2009

1. First, you have to understand the time you are in.

2. Secondly, do some Yoga and Sadhana. Yoga will stop bad things from happening in your life.

3. Thirdly, think that you have overcome many a problem in your life and will eventually also overcome the problem causing your suffering.

4. Next, you must understand that there are people whose suffering is much worse than yours. Put yourself in the seva of that person.

5. Finally, have complete faith in nature’s law no suffering is perpetual. Suffering will come and go.

There are two modes you can be in: Participating and Witnessing.
We apply both wrongly and end up being unhappy.

You must participate in joy and witness suffering.

Whenever there is happiness, participate no matter whose happiness it is. When there is suffering, observe it. But what we generally do is that we only participate in suffering, whosoever’s it is. But when there is real cause of happiness, we become its mere witness.

Love & Jai Gurudev

Rishi Vidyadharji - Uthte Baithte

Yesterday evening, Rishi Vidyadharji came to Delhi and left today morning for conducting the Art of Living Part 2 course in Jalandhar, which will culminate in Mahashivratri celebration. Ram and Kapil had the fortune of spending the evening with him. Sharing from the knowledge that flowed from the Rishi, who we admire so much.

Q. What is enlightenment?
A: Enlightenment is doing trivial things. Enlightenment is letting go, like a child. Choti choti baate karne se badi cheeze hasil hoti hai means when you do the small things you get big results. For e.g. your parents/school teachers taught you to read/write and learn the tables etc., and so you have the educational qualification that you have today.

Q. Too many thoughts and cravings come to my mind. How do I handle this?
A: Two prominent things that influence the mind are food that you eat and the company you keep. Sadhana, satsang and seva lead to perfecion at 3 levels:
a. Sadhana purifies the thoughts and feelings
b. Satsang purifies and cultures your speech
c. Seva brings perfection in action

Q. Rishiji, you look tired today!
A: How can I be tired? Because I am just a witness, I don't do anything.

Q. We are organizing The March Against Corruption and Terrorism on 1 Mar at Parliament Street, Delhi. How should we increase our speed and effectiveness in reaching out to more youth and enrolling them for the event? We are not happy with the results we have got so far.
A: Do you guys sit up till late in the night?...haa ...see thats not a good habit. What do you do till so late in the night? Discusions, planning? Why do you plan so much? Everything is already planned. You just have to do it! And whatever you plan in the night, will most likely not work out. Night time is not auspicious for making plans/sankalpas. Always do planning in the morning. Its more shubh (auspicious).

Q. Yoga Vasistha emphasizes a lot on self-effort. So if everything is planned then what should our effort be?
A: You effort is to keep the mind in the present moment.

Rishiji said your entire focus should be on increasing your satva. Satva badhao.

And while Ram and Kapil were soaking in the Rishi's presence, I was enjoying being a witness to Bawa answering questions by some IIT Delhi YesPlus students at our adda (A1-266 Safdarjung Enclave, South Delhi) of the The March core organizing team. Ya ya, I know you would like to defnitely hear what Bau said. You will see it soon on my blog.

Love & Jai Gurudev

Saturday, February 14, 2009

One line SHLOKA to get centered

Contributed by my friend Meenu: nunu_76@rediffmail.com
Jai Gurudev,

Hello Everyone :-)

Just wanted to share this with u all..
I was listening to one of Guruji's talk Secret of Secrets....
In this talk, Guruji said:
Krishna said to Arjuna the following shloka and Guruji said we should keep this shloka in mind and even memorise it..
When Guruji said it for the first time, i could not remember the entire shloka but when he explained part by part, its not easy to forget it :-)

Anityam Asukham Lokam Imam Prapyam Bhajsamah :-)

Anityam: World is not permanent but we live as though it is permanent and as though we are going to live forever..

Asukham: World is not pleasurable. It is not bliss. If you look for joy in it, there will be craving for it and this will lead to misery...

So Anityam Asuhkham Lokam (world)

Imam Prapyam: Having attained this knowledge, Bhajsamah (remember me).... remember me means divine (not me :-))

So whenever you are miserable, just say, "oh!! i forgot Anityam Asukham Lokam Imam Prapyam Bhajsamah" and you immediately come to the centre...!


Jai Gurudev
P.s. Now easy to remember? :-)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Durbhagyashali, Bhagyashali, Atibhagyashali, and Saubhagyashali

By Rishi Vidyadharji, @Chembur on 21 Jan 2009.

Durbhagyashali: One who desires some thing and his desires never get fulfilled.

Bhagyashali: One who desires some thing and his desires get fulfilled after long time.

Atibhagyashali: One who desires some thing and his desires gets fulfilled immediately.

Saubhagyashali: One who get some thing first and then the desire of having that comes to his/her mind.

So, where ever you are, in any of the first three categories, the presence of Guru in your life will move you toward being Saubhagyashali.

Today, Pramod and me were Saubhagyashali :). We got a chance to roam around in IIT in an open JIpsy and we were doing satsang standing there.

Jai Guru Dev.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This blog will be used to share the knowledge points that we get at different places, in talks, advanced courses, chats with each other. As now we are distant apart, we can share our knowledge points here. Every one can to share here. Every one is also given the permission to do so.

The minimum requisite to be part of this blog is attending at least three advanced courses.

Apart from Sunday 10pm, this can be our additional/offline sharing mechanism.

Jai Guru Dev!
Pitamah :)