Friday, February 20, 2009

Five steps to get out of suffering - Sri Sri @ Kolkata, 14th Feb, 2009

1. First, you have to understand the time you are in.

2. Secondly, do some Yoga and Sadhana. Yoga will stop bad things from happening in your life.

3. Thirdly, think that you have overcome many a problem in your life and will eventually also overcome the problem causing your suffering.

4. Next, you must understand that there are people whose suffering is much worse than yours. Put yourself in the seva of that person.

5. Finally, have complete faith in nature’s law no suffering is perpetual. Suffering will come and go.

There are two modes you can be in: Participating and Witnessing.
We apply both wrongly and end up being unhappy.

You must participate in joy and witness suffering.

Whenever there is happiness, participate no matter whose happiness it is. When there is suffering, observe it. But what we generally do is that we only participate in suffering, whosoever’s it is. But when there is real cause of happiness, we become its mere witness.

Love & Jai Gurudev

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